The Adventure begins!

Monday 7th January 2013

Day 1

Arrived safely. Boy was the flight long. Only could manage cat naps so a bit tired! We got two meals on plane plus snacks and drinks. Really good service and arrived on time. I watched a couple of movies ,listened to some music and a baby crying.  You could track the plane as it flew which was fun and at one point we were at 36000 feet! Buildings in Dubai are really tall! Cant wait to see it in the daylight. Not really sure if it is day or night…. it is apparently 6.55 am here Mon 7th and just getting light. My hotel is fine, clean and really central. I can have a second breakfast if I want it too!
SA  time is approx 6 and half hours in front of here.

It still feels unreal that I am over the other side of the world. I knew something was different when the driver from the airport got in the wrong side of the car to drive on the wrong side off the road to my hotel! I go on my dune dinner this evening and then a bus tour tomorrow. It is about 20 degrees when I arrived so is quite mild. everyone has already been friendly and helpful.

Stay tuned for next  entry in Heather’s travel log!
I am loving every minute here. Although I was freaking out last night. I went on the dune roller coaster last night-scary stuff!  They took you over some really big sand dunes in a four wheel drive! At times you are almost on two wheels and sliding……. You then come too a beautiful spot to watch the sunset. Dinner was a at a camp in the middle of nowhere set up in Arabic style…..very cultural and the night stars with no lights were spectacular! I will send photos soon, I met a lovely American lady and we are meeting up to day to do a tour of the city. Slept well so I am ready for another full day. Tomorrow  I leave for Toronto.

Would you believe that the first thing i need to do when I get to Canada is find a dentist. I lost a filling from behind my two front teeth! What a nuisance. Oh well, only hiccup so far.

Day 2 Tuesday 8th January 2013

What an amazing day. Dubai is an interesting mix of old and new-very much the new! Adelaide might be full of roadworks but Dubai city is full of construction works!! The buildings are all sooooo tall and incredible shapes that you would think would blow /fall down. All ruled by a sheik! Good value for money-3 dirhams is $1 US dollar.

My day started with a city tour-City of Merchants tour. I saw the sail boat like seven star hotel at 3000 minimum a night a little out of my price range. We visited :

  • Sheik meeting house
  • Old Dubai-beach area… 3 hotels km square and high!
  • Saw seven star sail boat hotel.$3000 a night minimum
  • Sheik palaces
  • First building in Dubai-coral rock and sand- now dwarfed by other buidings
  • Mosque
  • Had a water taxi ride across “creek”-wider than the Torrens in Adelaide.
  • The Spices and Gold souk-very keen shop sellers! Gold everywhere……..

I then visited the famous Dubai Mall. This was more like a city in itself! 4 storeys and so posh! Could easily spend days there.  I spent 6 hours .

Some highlights:

  • Sheer size and every designer/brand shop known to shoppers.
  • Aquarium and Underwater Zoo- walked the tunnel andvisited the zoo with exotic marine and rainforest animals
  • Waterfall- fell through all floors
  • Ice rink in centre
  • Bookworld- heaven for book lovers
  • Fountain display at night- Allof Dubai in fact lit up at night. Can’t imagine electricity bill.
  • Found someshops we have in Adelaide-cotton on, Gloria Jean’s coffee, subway and of course KFC, Maccas
  • Huge toy store-Hamley’s from London
  • Fashion walk, jewellery walk, home walk, souk and huge international food courts
  • Rainforest Café-Wild place to eat- Action and music just like you are in a rainforest
  • Fountain display- coloured lights, music and shooting water that goes as high as fireworks. All controlled by computer
  • Tallest building in the world-looks like a wedding cake/castle/fountain?

Didn’t connect with my shuttle bus and then spent hour trying to find taxistand! Arrived safely back at hotel at 10pm having left at 8.30am. I have had a really interesting and informative taste of Dubai City. I am now looking forward to the next part of my travels, though not the 14 hour flight. At least this time it is the day time. Not sleeping much –too wired.

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