I was able to dress up for the first time on Halloween. It was a hoot! (Or should that be a spook??).Check out the photo. I look pretty awesome if I do say so myself. Some might say just another day at school. Trick and treating was fun even though I stayed in the house and just gave out candy. I heard that some people spend hundreds of dollars on candy but I was not one of those people!

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I also heard that people give out  hot chocolate and hot dogs but I could not “verify” this as I was too busy giving out candy to leave the house. Which brings me to a very important question…If everyone is out trick and treating at the same time who is actually home to give out the candy???

I had ghosts, skeletons, a fairy and other spooky creatures come to my door for the candy. My neighbour even gave me a pumpkin to put on my step. Luckily I found out that you do not eat these types of pumpkins before I made pumpkin soup out of it after Halloween. I was really impressed that parents come out with the kids and kids are supervised at all times. My class also could tell me ways to keep safe when trick or treating so maybe taking candy from strangers this one time of the year is not such a bad thing…….

Then I went to school the next day and the students were still high on the sugar rush of all that candy so I decided it might not be a such a good idea after all. The inevitable crash of sugar levels came in the afternoon and all I can say is thanks to Wallace and Gromit and the Case of the Were Rabbit (DVD)


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